Musings of a Disorganized Mind

Focus…that’s what I lack. Either that, or I’m ADHD and didn’t realize it. ūüôā

I’m interested in so many different things: reading my Kindle,¬†going to¬†the beach, walking my dog, bikini¬†modeling, swimsuits, fashion, Spanish literature, cooking, social networking (and how it impacts a business I don’t yet have ), you name it, it’s interesting¬† to me. Even¬†more so¬†at the moment because I’m not trying to juggle school with everything else going on in my life.

I am probably the last person to¬†sign up¬†on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I just discovered Digg, Stumble and the other sites like it. What all those sites tend to do is constantly capture my attention like sound bites do¬†on the news. I’m concentrating on 50 things at once, or more accurately, only giving each a portion of my attention. How would I handle all that if I were running a business or working full time? Not well, I’d imagine.

While there is undoubtedly a great opportunity to learn on all these sites, to make new ‘friends’, to ‘network’, I wonder if trying to juggle all of that at once is keeping me from being excellent at any of them? I have to say that I admire those who are managing to multi-task to that extent. I just don’t know if I have that innate ability.

I realized that I’m doing all this ‘networking’, but my blog isn’t linked anywhere and no one is reading it. I can understand running away once you start, but you’re not coming here. It’s disjointed and, IMO, boooring. I can hold a fairly intelligent conversation in person and I can write a passionate post on a discussion board, but I sit down to blog and everything just flies out of my head.

Time to decide exactly where my priorities lie and where I should be spending the majority of my time. At this point, all I’m doing is having some fun, but not profiting (in a non-fiscal sense) in return.¬† Heck, I can’t even figure out how to get follow buttons, facebook and twitter links onto this page. Hopeless!

Will I just throw up my hands again and head to the beach to work on my tan? At least I have a shoot scheduled for this weekend with a good photographer for a bikini site, I have to bring my own..which one to choose? I think I suck at decision-making, too. LOL

Vail in blue bikini top

Back to the Beach? Or the Drawing Board?

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